Navigating the Increasing Risk of Motorcycle Accidents: Know Your Rights and Legal Options

Navigating the Increasing Risk of Motorcycle Accidents: Know Your Rights and Legal Options

The Rising Surge of Motorcycle Accidents: A Legal Perspective

The past decade has witnessed an unsettling increase in motorcycle accidents and fatality rates, reaching its zenith in 2020 with an alarmingly high 5,579 recorded deaths. This article examines this concerning trend, your rights, as a victim, and the recourse available through the legal system for the suffering endured.

A Walk Through the Issue

The upturn of motorcycle accident rates traces back to the inherent nature of a motorcycle's design and the corresponding safety risks. A motorcycle, unlike a traditional closed vehicle, offers lesser crashworthiness and has diminished visibility to other drivers. These predicaments collectively contribute to high injury rates upon a crash.

Exploring the Right to Compensation

If you've been a casualty in a motorcycle accident, it is crucial to know that you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other losses. Collaborating with a proficient motorcycle accident attorney can assist you in filing an accident claim, consequentially helping you procure the deserved compensation.

Contacting Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys

If your motorcycle adventure turned into a tragic accident and you sustained injuries or other personal property losses, you may possess legitimate grounds for a motorcycle accident injury lawsuit. Feel free to contact Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys to explore your rights and possible courses of action.

Determining Liability in Motorcycle Accidents

Most accidents are incited by the negligence of another driver. However, if your mishap was instigated by a dangerous roadway, unsatisfactory signage, or other environmental factors, you might be able to seek compensation from the causative business or even the city, given you have compelling evidence of their negligence.

How to File a Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim?

Filing a motorcycle accident injury claim seems less daunting when armed with appropriate evidence to substantiate your assertions. As you plan to file an injury claim from a motorcycle collision, remember to document the details of your accident thoroughly with photographs of the crash scene, your injuries, medical documentation, and related invoices.

Stay in Touch with Your Auto Insurance Company

Reporting your accident to the auto insurance company immediately and maintaining communications on a regular basis is advisable. Keeping abreast of the details of your case and challenging false information are crucial steps in your pursuit of justice.

Exercise Caution While Signing Documents

Never sign any documents or agree to any recorded statements without thoroughly scrutinizing them, as these can later infringe upon your rights when pursuing a lawsuit. Take heed of insurance companies offering sub-optimal settlements; once you concede to an official document, you might restrict your potential for optimal compensation.

Quantifying the Monetary Settlement

Motorcycle accident settlements fluctuate depending on the severity of the accident, the extent of losses, and the damages you qualify for. It's roughly estimated that the settlements usually lie between $200,000 - $300,000. Engaging an adept motorcycle accident attorney aids in analyzing your case and estimating an appropriate settlement amount.

Gauging the Value for a Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim

Estimating the value of your motorcycle accident injury claim primarily relies on the nature and intensity of incurred injuries and losses. Economic and non-economic damages provide a comprehensive compensation framework.

The Dual Facets of Damage Compensation

Economic damages aim at restoring your lost financial stability, covering your medical and hospital bills, loss of personal property, and more. On the other hand, non-economic damages cater to the intangible suffering including pain and distress caused by the accident.

Seeking Legal Guidance

It can be daunting dealing with law enforcement authorities, fellow drivers, and insurance companies post a motorcycle accident. The legal intricacies can often overshadow your rightful compensation. Employing a skilled Tampa motorcycle accident attorney helps elucidate your stand. Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys, can provide you with a free legal consultation regarding your motorcycle accident. Feel free to contact us now, and let's chart a path to justice.

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